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Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate on behalf of the burgeoning non-storefront deliver business sector by educating policy makers and enforcers of  the unique features and benefits of cannabis delivery. We promote and support a responsible and inclusive pathway to licensure.

We envision a future that offers low barriers to entry allowing hopeful entrepreneurs from all socioeconomic backgrounds have an opportunity to participate in the cannabis delivery marketplace. Where delivery business operators uphold a strict set of standards to ensure policy makers and municipalities, business operators and consumers alike all see the benefits of cannabis delivery.

Our Values

The CCCA values:

  • Smart Regulation – regulations that protect the consumers and business operators alike, but also allow enough freedom for businesses to prosper.
  • Social Equity – ensuring community members from all socioeconomic background have an opportunity to participate in the burgeoning cannabis industry.
  • Education – keeping our delivery service operators and policy makers and other stakeholders up to date on the latest and most important information relevant to cannabis delivery and the cannabis delivery in general.
  • Access – cannabis delivery serves all the demographics who consume cannabis, but is especially important to the underserved and those unable to grow or procure cannabis on their own.