Cannabis Delivery allowed in Sacramento City!

SACRAMENTO, CA — The California Cannabis Courier Association (CCCA), which is an association representing cannabis delivery companies in Sacramento and beyond, is excited to announce a huge victory in the City of Sacramento! After months of meetings to inform the city on the benefits of delivery-only dispensaries, the City Council voted unanimously late last night to permit this type of commercial cannabis activity.


“We are pleased with the transparency and openness of the Office of Cannabis Policy and Enforcement,” said Caity Maple, Lobbyist for the CCCA. “As well as the city’s commitment to including the voices of the industry, and the community.”


The current ordinance will additionally create a registry for existing deliveries to begin along the permitting process, as well as the opportunity for delivery-only dispensaries to sell adult use cannabis.


“After our initial charge to get delivery into the state law, which we accomplished in June of this year,” said Macai Polansky, President of the CCCA. “This was the next big step, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome.”


You can find out more about the CCCA at, as well as information on membership and more.


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